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reply to pokesph

Re: End of Windows XP support means beginning of security...

I understand that, in fact I use an XP VM to run a game from 1997 and apps that no longer work in Win7. But, I can do that faster in a Win7 VM with nearly the same hardware as I ran XP on back in 2009.

If you're talking about a corporate environment, well, that's different. Still, time marches on and MS doesn't care about the past that much. They are moving away from the desktop market and into cloud/mobile dev more and more as time passes.

But, if as a home user you have a dual-core with even 3GB of RAM, it will run better on Win7 than XP. It's so much more efficient it's ridiculous.

My old PIII's and P4's I used to run old stuff on collect dust now...there's just no point to them now that I can run any OS I want virtually in Win7 x64. Hell, I could even take my old Win2K box and turn it into a VHD if I still cared to.

"Time wounds all heels" it's been said, and it's especially true in the computing world.

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