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Queens, NY

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Re: End of Windows XP support means beginning of security...

Hmmm...2 rock solid machines running XP SP3 here. Work great for browsing the web; running MS Office, etc. In fact, XP is what I am using right now, while I'm posting.

I'm running various flavors of Windows 7 on my other machines & at work. But see no need to upgrade either of these machines. For what? So, I can go out and dump a thousand plus to upgrade the 'old' operating system, motherboards, ram, graphics cards, etc? Basically, I would be throwing two perfectly good computers into the trash to buy two new ones. Why?

The big concern is that there are a lot of 'single-purpose' machines out there that don't need any upgrade what-so-ever. 'SCADA' was mentioned. The great majority of these machines sit in isolated shacks, that are only visited maybe once a year for maintenance or when things to wrong. They are not connected to the internet. They are not at risk of new viruses. And they work fine.

I'm not knocking Microsoft at all. There is no requirement for them to support what they consider to be a ten year old product. But, then again, many of these systems don't need to be upgraded. And in spite of the patches, I have to hand it to Microsoft. XP was one of the best OS they ever produced. Maybe better than Windows 7 - only time will tell.