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Marmora, ON

[Internet] Buffering and d/l speeds drop drasticly after 8PM est

I have a grandfathered unlimited account with Bell also a 2Wire combo modem/router.
Recently, about two weeks or so ago, my buffering and d/l speeds at just one video steaming site will drop drastically at just before 8PM est. from 775kbs down to as low as 5+kbs and will stay there until about 12:30AM. The Tech's at the site say it isn't them. I have noticed on a net meter that the speed seems to go in a pattern from as low as 5kbs up to 60 or 70kbs and back down to 10+kps fairly consistently, not a consistent range, but way lower than my usual 775kbs used to be.

I have rebooted the 2Wire several times and gone through my computer with a fine tooth comb and I can't find a reason for the drastic drop in kbs. Could Bell be targeting My ip address or could it be the 2Wire?

Any help would be appreciated.