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Cortland, NY
reply to Mele20

Re: Require DOCSIS 3 modem?

Since D1.x only allows 4 mbit upload on the node giving people 2mbit on Turbo I can see their point. Though, if they replace the modem I'm not sure that would be a huge deal.

I'm in central NY and they said if I wanted to bounce to Turbo (I'm on Extreme now) I'd need to swap modems. I don't need the 5*30 and 2*20 would be my sweet spot but for me its only a few dollars less. So I stay on D3 and have no contention issues like I suspect I would have on the only non bonded D1 channel


I just switched the TWCBC because of all of this mess with TWC residentiall; no static IP, one public IP, having to constantly renew promos. I talked them into a Teleworker plan for a lower speed at a lower price-no contract and no setup fee. I had extream 30/5 with the Ubee DW3611. They just switched the IP remotely to use same moden on TWCBC with only 7/768k service. Speeds are much more consistant on Business Class since the routing is different.

I asked residential if I switched down, could I keep the modem. They said yes when before they had told me I need to change modems. They are slowly allowing you to keep a DOCSIS 3 modem in markets where they have enough installed. I'm sure they are having to recycle them until they can buy enough to replace the older ones like I had before the upgrade.

This story doesn't mention that they are now charging a modem rental fee if you don't have a promo. They are also allowing you to use your own modem in some markets as well. Again, probably a slow change to match what companies like Comcast are doing.