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[Extension] Firefox:Tree Style Tab:Update: 0.14.2012050301

Ver.0.14.2012050301 for Mozilla Firefox


Improved: Move tab to the upper level if it is dropped on the bottom area of its parent tab.
Modified: Change the background color of tabs in "Flat" and "Mixed" theme for some platform (e.g. Ambience theme on Ubuntu).
Fixed: Handle new tabs from the "new tab" button correctly.
Fixed: Respect special behaviors defined in Firefox itself or other addons for middle-click on the new tab button.
Fixed: Fix NS_ERROR_XPC_BAD_OP_ON_WN_PROTO error in auto-shrink mode.
Fixed: Fix broken appearance of pinned tabs with "Sidebar" theme.
Fixed: Fix broken appearance of pinned tabs with "Metal" theme on Mac OS X.
Fixed: Layout pinned tabs correctly even if the tab bar is narrower than the size of a pinned tab.
Fixed: Move the dragged tab to the correct position when the drop target tab has no child.
Fixed: Disable the "Tabs on Top" menu item for the vertical tab bar correctly.
Fixed: Store and restore the original state of the "Tabs on Top" feature when TST is uninstalled.
Fixed: Don't reset "Tabs on Top" state on the startup. (It was wrongly enabled on every startup.)
Fixed: Enlarge max width of the status panel. (See bug 632634.)
Fixed: Don't show TST's "full tooltip" if TST's tooltip is disabled by user preference.
Fixed: Don't collapse tabs if collapsing/expanding of tree is disabled by user preference.
Fixed: Reset the appearance of tree twisties when the mouse pointer go away from the tab bar.
Fixed: Don't show tree twisties on the favicon of existing tabs, in a horizontal tab bar.
Fixed: Show the floating menu bar (and title bar) with Hide Caption Titlebar Plus correctly.

Will be trying it out latter today, after a FEBE backup....

[edit: corrected Subject for field character limit loss of the "1" at the end of "0.14.2012050301". h/t Gone Fishing See Profile

Hilo, HI

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Re: [Extension] Firefox: Tree Style Tab: Update: 0.14.201205030

I thought Fx 10 ESR was not going to restart after installing this update. It took a VERY long time but it did finally restart and everything seems ok. But it doesn't work as well on this version of Fx as it doesn't collapse other trees automatically when a tab gets focus. It works better on Fx 4 on my host machine. Both machines run XP Pro so I don't know why it works better on Fx 4.

On Fx 4, I have not been offered an update (when I check for updates) to Tree Style Tabs since March. I was offered an update to Multiple Tab Handler and Informational Tab but not Tree Style Tabs. The Informational Tab update has made the progress meter very fat. I prefer the more narrow bar which I had until this update. (This was an update available in March but I just got it now for Fx 4).
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