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Bronx, NY

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Re: [OOL] PC with Linux OS

Please stop spewing your anti-Apple bias all over this thread. Everybody has had a fairly well-rounded discussion on the pros/cons of the different approaches, but you keep bringing up nonsense about Apple.

I have Macs ranging from 1984 to 2011. All of them work as well as the day they came out of the box. There's no "engineered obsolescence", as you put it. At least not anymore than any other company.

Apple has provided support for or maintained tons of open source projects. Even the base of their OS is open source (Darwin) minus the GUI and some support services. You can run any open source software you want on a Mac via Fink or Macports or compiling yourself. It's hilarious that you say you support open source software and then recommend the two proprietary Linux PCs that have been posted so far.

As for Linux vs OS X security, I honestly don't see how you can back that up. Given just the base OS without additional applications, both are historically very secure. Linux, OS X, and Windows all suffer from exploits found in third-party libraries (Java, Flash, etc), but Windows also has quite a few exploits in built-in services making it more difficult to secure. If anything, the Mac mini would potentially be more secure than the Linux PC as both companies believe their Linux PCs are "virus-resistant" and likely don't easily allow an AV to be installed. You have the option to install free AVs on the Mac if necessary.

As for my post, I mentioned a single add-on that is completely optional (Deep Freeze). You have to pay for it on Windows as well. How is that Apple's fault exactly? Everything else I mentioned is built into the OS.

Yes. Macs cost more than bargain basement, asian-brand PCs. That doesn't make it the "snob" machine you make it out to be - that's just how you view people that spend their money on Macs.
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