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Prairie City, IA

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Re: Mediacom To Start Charging For Phone Modem

Near the end of January of this year I spent a little over $80.00 to buy a Motorola D3 modem. After close consultations with Mediacom Tech support and our local tech's I was led to think that doing this would improve a speed issue I had been having with my service and help me avoid the $5.00 per month rental that Mediacom had instituted for internet modem's.

Well it did help correct the speed issue and it did keep me from paying the $5.00 per month rental fee on the internet service modem.

It would have been nice to know that in 4 short months Mediacom was going to come up with another way to charge me $5.00 monthly rental fee. I do realise that no one other than the highest up people in the organization actually knew about the plans to start charging for the phone modem.

But the problem is I have apparently waisted my $80.00 paid out for the D3 Motto Modem because now if I want to avoid the monthly phone modem fee my only choice will be to buy another internet-wireless router-phone D3 modem for $149.00 or so.

This is a bit upsetting. I don't need a wireless modem (in fact Mediacom's wont work with my Apple Extreme Base Station, already tried and failed a few months ago, And frankly the Apple is so much superior for my needs, to the Mediacom router, I wouldn't want to use it even if I could)

I already have the D3 Modem so don't need another! But if I want to avoid the $5.00 fee I either have to shell more money out for things I dont need or cancel the phone.

I am considering my options but I have to admit it does not look good for Mediacom remaining my service provider.

I do have other options where I live and I may have to give some thought to where I go form here.