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Way to kill brand recognition, TWC

What is it with companies that must learn the hard way? TWC spent countless millions over a decade and a half, branding a product that has become synonymous with high speed internet service. Everyone knows Road Runner.

Branding is one of the most important elements of marketing your product, and SUCCESSFULLY branding your product such that it's name becomes synonymous with its function is a long, hard, expensive process.

We call any facial tissue "Kleenex" and our steel wool pot scrubber a "Brillo Pad" even if it's SOS brand. Why? Because of highly successful branding campaigns.

And now TWC wants to dump their ubiquitous, highly successful brand name into the trash.

Take something "catchy" that's associated with a beloved cartoon character known for speed, and really BLAH it down with names like "Standard Internet" and "Turbo Internet".

Utterly forgettable.

Stupid, stupid, stupid.


Toledo, OH
its called payments to TW for the RoadRunner brand and image. You don't get that for free any more when you're NOT part of TW Media.