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Toledo, OH
reply to xenophon

Re: TWC vs Google Fiber

TWC won't see a hurt. VZ has proven that with FiOS services. Customers do not like to change.

Fiber FTW

Wow, do you work for TW?
Almost every person I know in KC who has TW hates them.
TW's customer's are beggin for change - trust me, I used to be one.


Toledo, OH
I don't work for TWC but I can tell you NOT all customers are begging for a change. Sorry- but you can't state that. You do NOT know all of them and a good chance is hear say from others. And trust you? Uh NO!

Also again; FiOS numbers show that customers do NOT like to switch. Should we bring up their numbers to see how many they have? And actually if you read the CV threads many customers have switched BACK due to costs after promos, and horrible billing. And you do realize that Google does NOT provide customer services for their products right? So what makes you think they'll provide customer service for this? And how do we know it will be US based? Outsourced to another country? Probably.

And remember; the grass is NOT always greener on the other side. Google's service may look good on paper but you will NEVER achieve the advertised speeds on the true Internet.


Kansas City, MO
Well I sure am! Haven't seen the trucks in my neighborhood but can't wait.

Fiber FTW

reply to Fiber FTW
Again, wow NWOhio.
Your reading comprehension needs some work. I never made any blanket statements about ALL TW customers.

Here is an example of a blanket statement: "Customers do not like to change."

I really love how you present a pile of guesses and hearsay to support your statements. YOU do NOT know jack about google's as-of-yet completely unannounced customer service model for fiber.

Also, please stop bringing up FiOS. The statement you made that I was responding to was the blanket statement above about customer's not wanting to change, which as I have said is not at all true in this case. FiOS is NOT google, hence FiOS numbers PROVE literally nothing in the google fiber vs. TW suckfest debate. The FACT is, that TW has ruled the KCMO/KCKS area (which, being from Ohio, makes you grossly unqualified to make statements on the area's customer base btw) with an iron fist for quite some time and I CAN guarantee that there are plenty of their unsatisfied customers who are ready and willing to switch.

^^I can capitalize words too


reply to 25139889
You must work for Time Warner. They SUCK to high heaven. The more competition we have, the better it is.