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Thieves World

reply to gar187er

Re: Technical Discussion of Upstream Channel Bonding

said by gar187er:

doesnt matter what you think....higher engineers and telecom people are doing it with success.....i work it, troubleshoot it, and make it work....its happening.....

you have them on 1 channel.....that is not a ton of noise...so please back it up.....

i would assume the 16qam is lower in the spectrum those showing more noise due to typical 5-18 garbage.....if you work in the field you know what i mean....

Pre-EQ Good                        : 559242     12225      12225     
Pre-EQ Scaled                      : 2064       0          0         
Pre-EQ Impulse                     : 8          2          0         
Pre-EQ Direct Loads                : 19         0          0         
Good Codewords rx                  : 374766003  4728886    2382610   
Corrected Codewords rx             : 20311862   4280       129       
Uncorrectable Codewords rx         : 361755     1744       679       
Phy Operating Mode                 : atdma*     atdma*     tdma*

Simple math 0.1% of the codewords are being dropped on US0
5.4% of all traffic is being corrected from errors.

That is a large amount compared to US1 and US2

Not to mention that just 2% packet loss can cause robotic issues or gaming issues on UDP sessions.

Yes it's not an issue for TCP sessions.

33db SNR is not horrible but that looks like some noise in band.