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Re: Shocker

So...I have officially registered...so as to unencumber myself with the dreaded Anon title.

Firstly - if my OP (or subsequent response) offended anyone I apologize.

Without rubbing salt in the wound...I was merely trying to convey my dissatisfaction (mayhaps a bit too passionately) with having to rectify issues that should not have happened in the first place. IMHO anyway.

Yes accidents happen...but as a long term Cogeco customer I have seen the 'odd' customer service issue mushroom into the realm of 'expected' or 'anticipated' and (again IMHO) this is completely unacceptable.

When the abnorm becomes the norm...you can't shrug it off so easily.

The fact I specifically did everything in my power to ensure the amount was credited and yet still assumed it wouldn't be...made it all the more frustrating when it happened.

Perhaps not everyone shares that opinion...but it's my subjective opinion none-the-less.

It's no different than the following Cogeco 'abnorms' that have now (to me anyway) become the norms:

- Annual price increases to services (with very little in return)
- Usage Meters down or otherwise not working
- Promises of compensation that don't transpire and I need to follow up on
- "Currently experiencing higher than normal call volumes"

To answer the ultimate question - "did it get resolved"...the answer is yes it did (sort of). 4 Phone calls from work before I was on a que short enough to speak to someone. A rather long and drawn out conversation that ultimately resulted in a credit that has been promised (however not yet received as I am told it takes 30 days). I really won't know for a few more weeks...but I am cautiously skeptical (can anyone look me straight in the eye and blame me).

Hamilton, ON

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Hi There,
Glad to see you've joined the ranks of registered users!

Your posts certainly conveyed your frustration with the situation, and I understand; billing errors can be a very sensitive issue.

I'm glad to hear you've been able to contact the billing department, and the result was a credit being applied. That said, with the issues you had the first time around, I would be happy to extend myself (or Cogeco_Joni), to review your account and ensure the credit is pending. All I would need is a PM with the Service Address.

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Scarborough, ON

Marcer, you still da man.


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