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Saint Johns, MI
reply to compuguybna

Re: [General] Home Fusion install scheduled

said by compuguybna:

Hi ScooterRC, the only reason I was questioning the original speedtest.net test was that . . .
the theoretical LIMIT of the HomeFusion 4G LTE is about 12mbps down, and 5mpbs up (not sure whether that's a limit of the TOWER, or cantenna (antenna).

How far are you away from the LTE tower?

There is another speedtest I try sometimes . . .

»www.internetfrog.com/mypc/speedt ··· edtest2/

something else that might be going on is....like cable HSI, there is sometimes a "powerboost" during the first minute or two of the download. not sure if LTE does this or not, but it would definately inflate your download speed, since most speedtests are less than 20-30 seconds (which is the time frame for the powerboost).

ALSO, LTE is for the most part "under-used" in some communities. Until more smartphones hop on, you might see your tower is under-utilized. HomeFusion was used to bring revenue in that aspect as well.

anyway, those look like great speeds.....Just down blow thru your cap doing speedtests all the time!!!

Keep us updated! My brother is outside cable/dsl, and I might recommend this to him if it proves to be a winner (He is 5 miles from the LTE tower).

I believe that the 5-12 down and 2-5 up estimate is not at all a contrived or controlled limitation. As I understand it, Verizon is merely giving that as the ball-park figure in order to keep people's expectations in check. The last I knew, Verizon was using those same numbers on all their LTE advertising, including smartphones and hotspot devices.
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