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Re: How is this different from FiOS TV and Uverse TV

Actually, not to be completely nitpicky, U-Verse does do some traffic prioritization on their services. You can get a high enough HSI tier that would otherwise conflict bandwidth-wise with TV viewing if you had a full 4 HD streams going at once. It has been noted ad-nauseum that the HSI is throttled back to accomodate TV viewing/recording in these scenarios. I believe priority was Phone, TV, HSI at last check.

This is actually the primary reason (as far as I have seen rumored, obviously there isn't going to be an official statement from AT&T) that they have yet to implement caps on the VDSL U-Verse service which is the only service that carries TV and phone as well as HSI. Basically they'd need to successfully and accurately track just HSI in the bandwidth meter and ignore TV and phone. On paper it sounds easy, but as always in practice there's likely a lot of annoying corner cases.

And with FiOS, unless they have changed things recently, doesn't even use IP for TV services nor phone. The HSI pretty much rides its own trackable pipe separate from phone and TV. I -believe- the only thing that rides on HSI that is TV related is DVR control stuff and On Demand.
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It wouldn't be hard for ATT to tell the difference between 3 services. It's a matter of them currently watching the customers first. Each Service has to be tagged differently and knows where to go. Otherwise it would all get lost.