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Fibe Internet Vaudreuil

Does anyone know when Bell's Fibe Internet service will be rolled out in Vaudreuil? Earlier this year I was poking around Bell's website and checked to see if their Fibe internet was available. To my surprise, the site said it was. This was great news since I was on Bell's Internet Plus plan- the only plan available in the area. I called Bell to upgrade my service, only to be told that the Fibe Internet plans were not available on in my area. When I told them that their website said it they were, they had no answer.

A few weeks ago, I checked again, and to my surprise, Bell's new Fibe plans were listed as being available. To my delight, I requested an upgrade through the website, and was told I would have my new modem sent in a few days. All I had to do is hook it up to a wall jack.

Modem comes, I install it and to my disappointment, I only got half a MB more download speed than I had before! I call the tech support line, and explain that I just upgraded to Fibe 5 and I am not getting the speeds I was promised. They get me to unplug the modem and plug it back in, and they preform some tests to see what is wrong. When they can't figure out what is going on, they pass me to a senior tech. The tech tells me he has to perform some tests on my line- asks me not to use my phone until he calls me back.

He calls me back to say that the Fibe service not available in my area, that the necessary equipment is not installed yet!!

Now I am totally frustrated. Does anyone have any insight as to when the service is going to be available in Vaudreuil?