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Douglasville, GA

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Eagles Concert May 4th @ Verizon

Love their music. But didn't get my money's worth. Disappointed at the fans too. I didn't expect everyone to talk during the entire concert. Sitting in lawn I couldn't hear the music over everyone talking. And as I tell people to shut up, I realize am half their age! Sing along with the music! But shut the fuck up with the talking! I don't care who is who or what is what. I just came to listen to the music.

The PA system was not turned on in the lawn section. The only music was coming from the speakers on stage. And it wasn't up very loud. Had to get closer. Upset an employee who was on patrol in her motorized wheel chair. She kept telling me I couldn't stand there. I didn't argue the 3rd time, and found a spot she couldn't get too. Up some stairs behind a railing about 20ft from the speakers on stage. Finally I could hear the music!

Then before I know it, it's over? An hour an a half show? $70 for an hour and a half? WTF!

I had three beers. Can't leave for another hour while I sober up. (one standard drink per hour is the rule if you want to drive)

Alpharetta police were running people out. Drunk people. Very drunk people. They kept driving up and down the parking lot telling people to leave. I test my BAC using a machine I have. .037 NOT LEAVING.

FYI, BAC .020 to .079 is Officer Discretion in the state of Ga. They can arrest you and charge you with DUI even if your bac less than .080, unlike other states.

After an hour or so my BAC was below .020 and I set off on my way home. Thought to my self, never again. FU Alpharetta Police. FU Eagles Band. FU Eagles Fans.

Never again. Sounds better on my system at home anyways.

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Sorry you had a bad experience. I have never been there, so I cannot comment on the venue. It has gotten generally good reviews. You might want to add yours here:»maps.google.com/maps/place?hl=en ··· BEOIJMAA

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Douglasville, GA

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The venue was very nice. Built I think in 2008? It looked brand new. Clean and well laid out.

It seems to be setup similar to Lakewood but about half the size. The vendors were great. Good food. Good prices. Parking was easy.

The venue didn't cut the show short, the venue does not control the sound level, the venue can't control the fans from talking, the venue can't control the police in the parking lot. Yes, I would recommend the venue. It was nice.