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Nashville, TN
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reply to ScooterRC

Re: [General] Home Fusion install scheduled

Keep us posted! Looks like ALOT better than a sat. alternative. Exede 12mbps looked like an alternative, but homeFusion has higher limits. My brother is needing faster internet bad.

PS. Any way to tell your signal levels in a diagnostic page.
Should be measured as a figure called RSSI and EC/IO

said by ScooterRC:

I just downloaded a 1.1GB file that I have been waiting for(Darn mifi device with 10GB limit) and it took ~9.5 minutes. From that "test" I would say that there is no "speed boost" feature on the LTE. The tech did say I had the best signal he had seen in his short time installing HomeFushion.

As for the tower, the tech said it was south/east of my location. I did not know there was a tower in that direction. I will have to search for the location to determin how far away I am from it. Any clue as to how I can find it easily?

For anybody concerned with going over your GB limit, I have used the mifi 4510L for a while with the 10GB limit and usually use between 9 and 12GB a month. I am currently going to school and I game heavily on the ps3. I do have to stay away from heavy youtube watching and Netflix is out of the question.

For anybody looking into this device I would say that so far it is great. Higher GB limit and a lot better speeds. I think the biggest part of the speed is because of the dedicated outdoor antenna(cantenna). Also I have had problems with my mifi device staying connected to the 4G network. It always wanted to switch back to 3G for some reason. So far this device I have had no issues.