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reply to cigtyme

Re: Vodka v Method heroic mode DS race

said by cigtyme:

So instead of a monster crit Arcane Blast you will perfect an iceblock lol.

Yes, actually, because sometimes that's what the situation calls for. My raid team learned to do iceblock pulls on Lady Deathwhisper trash. The mage would blink into the middle of the trash, do a couple of AoE pulses, then iceblock. The trash would then collapse on him, and everyone else would AoE the bejeezus out of them. Took us about 10 seconds to clear the trash, instead of the 5-10 minutes a conventional pull required. A monster crit arcane blast in that situation would just have everything running everwhere, and wipe the raid. Take that and put it in your bag of tricks -- unless you think that's something only Vodka or Method can pull off, and only after they're heroic geared.

Despite your negativity and feeble attempts to mock me, I will always try to learn how to play smarter, and try to help those around me play smarter. If you don't want to play smarter, that's your choice; but don't narrow-mindedly try to drag me down with you.

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