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Evans, GA
reply to Poornoob

Re: Vodka v Method heroic mode DS race

Have you watched videos on L2Raid and read through Icy-veins.com strats? I cannot help beyond that because I'm still trying to get my guild through 10M blackhorn normal.

Coonass and Proud of it

Houma, LA
Watch Vodka Method Paragon videos. Google Deathwing video from a "enter class here".

In FL we were stuck at Bethalac. I know don't judge me lol. Our hunters couldn't solo the little dudes. I googled Bethalac surv hunter videos. and Voila. It should how to solo them. I gave ths info to our hunter, he watched it and understood it. We havent wiped to beth since that day.

This isnt a tip. it is an example. There are almost too many ways to improve to list them here. It is almost a "as it happens basis". Figure out how to handle situations will help you out alot trying to get to their level. But no one on here has that kind of info. IF we did we would be in Vodka and not on this forum page.
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"What the hell man, wipe it, we fricken can't heal this damn thing to death"


reply to Immer
Yes. I'm a competent raider, and as I said, my raid does DS10N in about 2 hours with maybe a wipe or two. We have done Morchok H, but haven't really tried the other bosses H yet because we have been running both mains and alts through DS, and getting the legendary staff, so we need to complete a full run on any raid night. I've looked at most of the typical resources: Icy-veins, Tankspot, Magecraft, WoW forums, and others that don't come to mind immediately. That's why I'm asking about ADVANCED tips and tricks - I think I have a pretty good grasp of the stuff most casual raiders know. If we were talking baseball, I'd say I'm beer league good, and am hoping to improve to semi-pro good. I'm not even hoping to get to the minor leagues, but just wanting to find ways of playing better.