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delusion ftl

reply to tshirt

Re: [BW Meter] Comcast to Replace Usage Cap

said by tshirt:

My gibe was directed at YOUR comment, "hoping he could double his usage this month"

I hope he can get what he needs, but can't understand the concept of "USE more, just be cause you can"
Is it a misplaced sense of entitlement, being a bored troublemaker? or some delusion that if you can encourage people to cause enough congestion on the network, ComCast will give in an provide "free" unlimited bandwidth for everyone until bankruptcy or investor lawsuits remind them of their fiduciary duties?

Comcast can do whatever they want if it drives profit. There's no inherent reason they couldn't go flat out unlimited while disconnecting or throttling users who they feel "abuse" unlimited.

There's no indication that a user who never calls support and pays their bill on time and never has incidences where they damage their line or such would not be a profitable customer while pulling down terabytes of data a month.

In fact, Jason, if you have read down the thread this far here are some ideas from me:

Free nights. From 1am to 6am meter doesn't run.
Justification: This is a prime time for online backups to run, they are not particularly speed or latency sensitive but can require a ton of data transfer.

Good customer credit: Customers who pay on time, never call support etc.. Can earn bonus transfer. Maybe 250GB a month.
Justification: Customers who struggle with billing and constant support issues (that are not Comcast's) are the most likely to be unprofitable.

Rollover data: Unused data from previous month rolls over to next month, eventually caps out at some reasonable max.
Justification: Customers often don't like the idea of use it or lose it, so sometimes they use it when they don't have to. This is not a great thing for balancing a network. And on the once in a blue moon month that a customer does have a large transfer that needs to take place they don't take a financial hit.

Gmail style: Cap grows over time, maybe it's 300 this month 310 next month, 320 the following, etc...
Justification: Can always market as constantly growing bandwidth limit that grows with technology and consumption. Probably wont have to revisit the cap as often to see if it still is appropriate for the bulk of your user base.
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