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Doc Lithius

Rock, MI

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[HN9000] Mysterious Allowance Refresh

... Hughesnet is really starting to freak me out now.

Our bandwidth just refreshed from 974 MB to the full 1,050 MB at about 9:30 PM ET. It was, and still is, scheduled to refresh at 5:00 AM. What's more, my Nintendo 3DS download completely stopped and I can't load videos on YouTube right now. I've pretty much come to expect the latter, since now is about the right time for Hughesnet to go "pfft, yeah right!" at me, but why did my bandwidth refresh like it did...?

Freakin' weird...

Edit: And then again around 1:30 AM or so? After a few moments of intermittent connectivity. What is going on, Hughes?!
ISP: HughesNet Satellite Internet
Modem Model: HN9000
Service Plan: Grandfathered ProPlus -- 425 MB + 100 MB/day, 1050 MB total, 1.6 Mbps DL; 250 Kbps UL)