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Monroeville, PA
reply to JoelC707

Re: Cheap 4-door car with good mileage

said by JoelC707:

In the "Sedans: Small" and "Sedans: Entry Level" category all the listed Hondas and Toyotas have a lot more to gripe about them. "Steering feel and fit and finish" are listed on nearly all of them with "ride and road noise" listed on the Hondas as well. Their survey results are all about the same as the Avalon, Charger or TL, they're all in the "better" range.

Sure, maybe it is a bit cramped and doesn't handle like a higher priced car, but notice there is NOTHING about the reliability being bad. Those are all superficial things to the car getting you from point A to point B

Quakertown, PA

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reply to JoelC707

Been married 33 years to a woman that drives 75 miles each way to work. Ive had fords, chevies, chryslers. Dude you need a honda or toyota. After being stubborn for years on buy american i finally gave up and went to toyota. Never ever will i buy any of the big three again. My personal suggestion is the corolla. About as american as you can get and get the reliability of a import.


reply to MooJohn

"Crown Vic because it's still worth owning after it's been retired"

Throw a few antennas on it and tint the windows and it becomes a very fun car to drive. I drove a white one with dark windows, 5 antennas, and two spot lights for a few weeks. You will never have trouble merging in traffic, no one tail gates you, no on wants to pass you, and no matter what order you arrive at a 4 way stop you get to go first. Just be careful to not do anything that makes you look like you are acting like a cop.
I do not, have not, and will not work for AT&T/Comcast/Verizon/Charter or similar sized company.

St. Andrews
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reply to JoelC707

said by JoelC707:

On a side note, I've seen a lot of older Honda/Acura and Toyota vehicles burn oil, are there specific years to watch out for that do that or is that just a symptom of someone not taking care of the vehicle?

I vote for lack of maintenance....owned toyota corrola, corona, camry, highlander and now a nissan altima which will be for sale in 2 1\2 weeks due to retiring. All those mentioned can approach 300k miles easily IMHO with proper maintenance and will use normal oil.