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Oxford, ME

[speed/latency] Fairpoint contact info

So two years of issues and still no fix for me. I've filed complaints with the MPUC and got a rather panicked call from customer support but I think I over whelmed him a bit. Anyone know contact info for some people higher up in the company? My business contacts within the company seem to be failing me due to that very same PUC tag on my account so they have clammed up .

If not anyplace I can drop my resume? 5 years of being a network engineer and I can say for sure Fairpoint has some serious competency issues. My towns DSL deployment is about 2 years old and has been congested from day 1... Somebody failed at planing on a epic scale. Seriously, this is networks 101 stuff.

To fix the problem takes money, FairPoint has none.


What are you basing this claim on?


Oxford, ME
The 4 T1's trying to server a full DSLAM hosting 48 people. This install was one of the first Fairpoint did after taking over Verizon, well technically they didn't even fully take over in August 2009.

~6 Mbps is not enough to feed 48 customers at 3Mbps. That's a over sub of 24:1. Real world over sub should be around 10:1, that is literally Networks 101 stuff.

The real problem is I called Fairpoint for over a year before they realized (or at least acknowledged) I was right. However the line guys knew I was right after a few visits and changing pair, connectors, new NID, grounds, crimps on the line, drop to the house, checked internal wiring, and changing out all the filters. I'm thinking of dropping off this old textbook at their CO... somebody has some reading to do.


Oxford, ME
Ugh, 2 years and finally they take action... they sent of some green horn tech who tested the line off peak hours while I was at work. He said the line was fine and the problem was in my house. Despite I have the same issues when I plug the modem into the NID during peak hours... I can't make stuff like this up, how incompetent can Fairpoint get.

Here's some numbers (not counting overhead):
48 port RDSLAM which is full.

48 customers * 3Mbps = 144Mbps peak load.
4 T-1 * 1.544Mbps = 6.176Mbps capacity
144/6.176= 23.3 to 1 over-subscription ratio

Now if I take that to say only half of the users are at 3Mbps service the rest at the 768Kbps plan lets see how that turns out:

24 * 3Mbps = 72Mbps
24 * .768Mbps = 18.4Mbps
72 + 18.4 = 90.4Mbps
90.4 / 6.176 = 14.6 to 1 over-subscription ratio


Oxford, ME
reply to Gremlinlord
Ugh, another day, another fail from Failpoint. Sometimes I wonder if they have anyone on staff that understands transceiver stats...

Transceiver stats:

Transceiver Revision
Vendor ID Code 4D54
Line Mode ADSL_2plus

Transceiver Information Down Stream Path Up Stream Path
DSL Speed (Kbits/Sec) 3360 862
Margin (dB) 21.6 20.9
Line Attenuation (dB) 38.4 18.2
Transmit Power (dBm) 6.0 12.6



Tracing route to []
over a maximum of 30 hops:

1 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms my.router []
2 1 ms 1 ms 1 ms []
3 987 ms 1004 ms 996 ms
4 896 ms 1134 ms 1093 ms [6]
5 1010 ms 1141 ms 1169 ms [6]
6 1098 ms 976 ms 817 ms []

7 996 ms 975 ms 885 ms []
8 963 ms 932 ms * []
9 900 ms 753 ms 682 ms []
10 771 ms 875 ms 862 ms []
11 803 ms 881 ms 856 ms
12 784 ms 853 ms 955 ms
13 573 ms 472 ms 401 ms
14 703 ms 626 ms 567 ms
15 780 ms 820 ms 1060 ms
16 871 ms 928 ms 810 ms
17 * * * Request timed out.
18 718 ms 685 ms 798 ms []

Trace complete.


Oakfield, ME
Sorry to hear you're having issues. Simply put, get used to it cuz Fairpoint is busy "expanding" areas rather than upgrading their long time customers and providing them with what they are paying for.

I've had Fairpoint in Oakfield, ME for about 4 years now. They are incapable of providing what people pay for. They have about 35 customers connected to 5 T1 lines while selling 3mb/400k packages and claiming to be "better than cable because there is no shared bandwidth" on their website.

How they get away with such false advertisements I will never know, but rest assured you aren't the only one with problems, and Fairpoint is above and beyond in making sure they make all of their customers miserable without ever providing the service you pay for. They know most of us have no other choice, so it's either bend over and take it, or go without internet.

I have constant ping spikes, bandwidth varies second by second and most of the time I have trouble streaming video in anything other than the lowest quality. About 3 years of "tech support" and I'm worse off than when I started.


reply to Gremlinlord
Wow. Things really slow down at the ISP gateway.

Question, how do you know they are splitting that amount of subscribers across that amount of connection types?