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Little Rock, AR

[Rant] DVR channel changing while watching/recording begins

This is just a mild rant but it just make my jaws cringe everytime it happens.

I have a DCH3416 DVR. Working fine. The one thing that keeps bothering me is I might have two shows set to record during evening broadcasts. Now these two shows are set to record at the same time. No problem since I can record on two separate channels simultaneously. But not matter what I've tried, not that there's anything I know to do, if I happen to be ready to watch one of them and set the channel to watch the show it will 9 times out of 10 swap to the alternate channel that is being recorded. I then have to change the channel back to the channel I just had it set to.

What causes this? Is there some priority in the way the recordings are set to cause this?

An example for further clarification is let's say I have Channel X set to record at 8 pm and Channel Y set to record at 8 pm. So I'm available to watch one of them live so I decide to set my DVR to channel X to watch that one live. When the recording starts at 8 pm it almost always changes to channel Y. I then have to change it back to channel X.

Newtown, PA

1 recommendation

This reminds me of the old joke,

"Doctor, it hurts when I do this.
Then don't do that."

Since you know it will change the channel, just set it on the one you don't want.

Schaumburg, IL
reply to jbob
If you are going to be watching a show and don't need to actually record it, then cancel the recording before it starts. If it's a series recording, it won't delete everything. It will just cancel that one recording. I do it all the time.

Also, instead of changing the channel, you can also use the SWAP button to switch to the other tuner that is recording the show you want to watch.


Philadelphia, PA
reply to jbob
(Not sure if this will work on the DCH3416, but it does on the DCX-3400...)

Just let them record. As soon as that process starts, both scheduled shows will appear in your DVR's "My Recordings" list.

Then select the one you're free to watch now, and hit "Play". The time/progress bar along the bottom will be red instead of green, but you'll still be able to do all the things you can on live TV: pause, rewind, catch up, etc., and ... it's better than watching "live" because you'll be able to rewind all the way to the beginning of, say, an HD show, not just the most recent 20-30 minutes of it - the usual buffer length for watching live HD.

(Under a set of circumstances I haven't yet figured out, hitting "Stop" will occasionally ask if you want to stop recording. (You don't.) I think that that set of circumstances is when you're just a few seconds into the record process....The software assumes you're changing your mind??)