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Dallas, TX
reply to ptbarnett

Re: Existing contracts?

said by ptbarnett:

What happens with existing contracts? Mine is coming up for renewal, and I don"t want to lock in the slower speed.

It would seem that if they are changing the speeds, you'll get the speed change.


Today you sign a one year contract for 25/25 service. Next month 25/25 ceases to exist and it's now 50/25. Seems like for you'd get 50/25 once they switch as they will stop provisioning 25/25 to anyone.

""As far as I know, it will be like old upgrades where everyone will remain on the same plan and I'm assuming pay more for the increase," says the source. These changes should be arriving somewhere around June 18.

Sounds like you will get the bump speed, and may get a corresponding increase to your price, even though you are under contract. But I don't see how you'll have 25/25 in my hypothetical when they cease to provision that speed to anyone, anymore.