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Toronto, ON

Thank You Acanac!

OK way too many bad reviews on this site.
I'll tell you my experience.

I cannot have the internet down so I had an overlap of Bell service while waiting for Acanac setup. You pay for this insurance (1 extra mo. of Bell).
I signed up for 16Mbps DSL and purchased the Acanac modem so if the modem is a problem, I could return it and have it replaced. I purchased my own router.

I missed the first tech coming to my house since I didn't know he was coming. Submitted a ticket to Acanac and they re-scheduled the date and the tech came on that day. Once set-up, I cancelled Bell (30 day wait period). I was set up in less than 14 days. Probably sooner if I knew the first tech was coming.

I rebooted the modem a couple of times in the initial week so that the line and modem could learn the new connection.

I now have 3 times the download speed, watch fast HD streaming internet TV and movies through PS3 without worrying about caps, faster wireless with my router (you cannot buy Bell's, you need to rent their modem/router?)...all for less than the price of Bell. Also, help for other software to get the most from the net on the Acanac forum.

Outages? What Outages? Never outages. I live close to Lansdowne/Boor location of their sales office. Maybe that is a reason, I don't know.

Keep up the good work Acanac and keep fighting for net neutrality.


Toronto, ON
Hey neighbor, Bloor & Dundas St W. here.

It's refreshing to say the least, to see a positive experience on these forums. Tks for posting about it and enjoy the long weekend.

Trenton, ON
reply to warnerma
Thank you for posting warnerma. Glad to hear everything is working so well for you.
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