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Looking at the bigger picture
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Re: Meaninless...

There are often conflicts with the building owners who have been locked into exclusivity contracts by cable, RCN... they don't want Verizon coming in and messing up the building with new wires run all over... or they have been screwed over by Verizon in the past and could care less if Verizon wants to come in. I have only been approached by one building owner who said he wanted FIOS run in the building but Verizon wasn't contacting him despite many of his tenants trying to order. I called the FIOS engineer for him but don't know what happened.

Of course, there is also the fact that Verizon is just not interested in FIOS anymore. They have stopped the roll-out into areas that don't currently have franchise agreements. They are also trying to lay-off techs in the already drastically reduced workforce. The techs that are still here are being assigned to moving copper customers onto FIOS (this is bad for a number of reasons). Simply put, Verizon should change its motto from 'We make progress everyday' to 'We'll get to it when we get to it'