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Bowmanville, ON
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Re: HUAWEI in Canada. And right beside (900ft!) the USA border.

This is ridiculous. There are lots of Chinese companies that make components for network infrastructure companies. What would stop any one of them from designing a known flaw into one of those components. If the Chinese really wanted to spy on other countries around the world do you think they would put all their eggs in one basket as in the case of Huawei. This is just a bunch of conspiracy theorist tin-foil hat wearing people speculating on a worst case scenario and then attaching that scenario to a likely scapegoat. There is not one shred of actual factual evidence to say that Huawei is leading the charge in electronic surveillance against the US or any other country. TP-Link is also a Chinese company and I don't hear anyone demanding a boycott of their products, in fact many of us swear by them as an excellent brand for the money. Lastly, if Huawei was really so untrustworthy would the world leading electronic security firm have partnered with them? Huawei Symantec (»www.huaweisymantec.com/), anyone? If it turns out I'm wrong then I'll eat my crow but until then it just seems stupid to speculate based on what amounts to gossip and lies.