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Elgin, QC
reply to travisc

Re: HUAWEI in Canada. And right beside (900ft!) the USA border.

said by travisc:

Should I be concerned that my tinfoil hat is Chinese-made?

Another one!
Now I know! DSLREPORTS has been infiltrated! Just like Cisco, CSIS, and the CIA!
Sir - WAKE UP! Rip off that corrupting Chinese aluminum "shield" that you think protects you against bad thoughts, and see the truth- as it is!
Wear a Rio Tinto Alcan.. wait! No! Wear a Reynolds Tobacco product instead. There is a new dawn out there. We must seize it!
In the meantime you may find help at
  »zapatopi.net/afdb/       PLEASE! I beg you- seek this help! And do not shop at the mind-controlling Walmart! (unless the price is REALLY low!)

- The Fibe 0.037 guy