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FACTS only please
Norwalk, CA
reply to elefante72

Re: More of nothing

said by elefante72:

Realistically speaking one only needs 15/5. I have 25/25 because I do a lot of cloud stuff, and TWC is 30/5 which sucks for cloud. Cloud needs uplink...

Anything above that is for pure convenience. I can run VMW view on a 3MB link just fine, so cloud is not an issue).

And 15/5 is 15/5 -- there is no TWC lucky to see 5Mbs on a 15/2.

What would be disappointing is that they introduce caps after doubling bandwidth when everyone knows that bandwidth isn't a problem for VZ and even TWC in my area (considering only 2 neighbors on my block still have TWC )

My neighbor pays $160 for TWC (triple play, 5 TV) which is a bigtime rip. I told them to get fios double play, move phone to GV-> Cell and pay $85/month. Then buy some roku boxes for the kids. So save $60-$70/month.

If they cap the first thing to go will be phone, and then people will pull cable (go OTA or internet) and then they will be left wondering why they put caps in when margins are already sick (60%+).

In NY my phone only cost $4 in taxes (it's IP) so it was actually more expensive to do the double play (they like it that way). Sooner of later that is going to cause me to leave.

They have also dropped 5 channels in the last few months, and added zero. They were junk, but then 90% is junk so keep pruning.

dropping channel is what pisses me off the most. they force you to abide by the contract then they drop channels and tell you it's in the contract, and of course they force you into the 2 year, they sort of went back on their word to do 1 year. at least here in California