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FACTS only please
Norwalk, CA
reply to 45612019

Re: What's with all the weird upload speeds?

said by 45612019:

This company just can't seem to do anything perfectly.

50/25? 75/35? Why are they half-assing the upload?

Just make the shit symmetrical and call it a day. We all know the capacity is there.

This is just another American ISP slooooowly inching out speed upgrades over the years and making it seem as if they are constantly upgrading their network when the capacity is already there.

Why does Verizon's fiber optic network deliver such relatively slow speeds when Japan and South Korea have had true symmetrical 1 Gbps for years?

my friend you are wise beyond your years. also ask why NY residents pay so little compared to the rest of us for the same re-run re-run channel after channel ?

true competition in NY with Cable companies that beat them punch for punch. as for Japan and Korea . well they value knowledge and what that high speed will do for their economy and businesses . here as Prince put's it in his song "you're on your own " survival of the greediest