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Naperville, IL
reply to acadiel

Re: Nikon D3100 - Replacement for P&S

said by acadiel:

PM send, pcdebb... thanks!

I'm going to need to find a few more things piecemeal for this... I have a RadioShack tripod (16-2017) that's missing the camera mount (it has a level and everything), and I'd like to see if I find a new mount for it. I also need to hit the camera store for a lens cleaner, etc.

My wife also had a good observation about the lenscap ... where do you keep it while you're taking pictures? I'm so used to my camcorders and P&Ss either closing the lens or having an attached lenscap.

While you are at the camera store if you are gonna get a tripod, seriously get a nice one, one that will last you years. I got a Manfrotto. Pretty basic, but if the need arises I can change out the head. For the lens cap, get a NC lens filter and leave off cover. That's what I do.