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[Speed Problem] Earthlink / AT&T Speed problem

I am having major connection issues. I've had DSL for about 6 years. AT&T DSL extreme (6mbs) then a year ago, when ATT announced the bandwidth caps, I switched to earthlink DSL (6mbs). I have never had ANY problems with either service except for the occasional dead modem. Speeds always 5.5-6.5mbs. Two weeks ago, everything changed. My connection got really slow (80-150k down) and sped back up. This happened on and off for a day or so then got worse. I thought it might be a modem, so I switched to a spare I had and had the same trouble. Since that time, the connection is so slow, web pages time out before loading and Earthlink who leases DSL from ATT cant seem to help me. Several tickets have been issued - with an ATT tech coming and checking lines at my house and box up my street 2x.

-Things I've done.
Tried with and without router
Removed all phones/filters from line
Tried different patch cables
Tried different phone cord to modem.
Tried 2 modems of my own + 1 a tech brought by
Not a PC problem, tried 2 wired PCs and many wireless devices (when router connected)

The ATT guy thought there was a problem at the 'Slick'he called it, up the street.

-Sync speeds were always constant - 8128/512
-When download speeds are slow, (80-300k) the upload speeds are good.
-I have NEVER lost connection at all, connection seems stable even though no throughput
-I can ping any website from cmd prompt and get good pings at anytime.
-Still 99% of time not enough bandwidth to do anything but ping, even though a few times over the last 2 weeks the speed will go back to normal for a few mins with speeds back to over 6mbs and upload still same 400-480kbs.

--just got off phone with earthlink and the changed my speeds for some reason, to see if better.
-Now syncing at 3552/384. connection still sucks.

Line attuation is 25.8 down 12 up
Noise margin 28.8 down 15 up

I'm at my wits end, each time i call for help, I am asked if I've cleared my cache and cookies on my browser. I am proficient on PCs and home networks, the problem, best as I can tell, is not on my end.

Can anyone offer any help with my problem? Tech support is not doing so well. Also Changing ISP is not an option. ATT / Earthlink is all I have to chose from.

4 hours after earthlink changed my speeds from 8128/512 to 3552/384 (for testing purposes) i finally have some bandwidth. 2.89 down 0.32 up. If this follows my daily experience with this problem, I will probably have speeds closed to what I am supposed to for an hour, then slow down again to nothing until maybe tomorrow. This is what I am dealing with.

reply to Brad73
Oh well, didn't last but a few minutes. now at 0.18down / 0.32 up. Showing a lot of internet activity on modem and still have not lost connection. Frustrating. I would call earthlink again, but I am tired of repeating the same things that evidently aren't a problem. Wonder if switching back to AT&T would result in the problem going away or at least get it fixed faster? At this point, I'm willing to pay overages of the BS cap they have on DSL.

Wow...I'm having almost the exact same issue. I'm lucky if I get a .7 MB on the speed test. I'm not even going to deal with their tech support. I'm switching to another carrier.

Switched to back to AT&T. Been fine since that time except for 2 slowdowns around midnight on two different days. Only difference between these slowdowns vs the ones on earthlink is that my ping is 1000+ where before ping was always fine.
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