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I start new work on
Granite City, IL
reply to Kevin Bryan

Re: Notice stating my AT&T DSL service will become AT&T Uverse

the vdsl/adsl2+ service doesn't use PPPoE. For your router you would put it in DHCP mode and get your IP from the 2wire or att modem you have on there.

Kevin Bryan

Scotland, CT
thank you. My DSL Direct is working great now thanks to your help. However, I know its just a matter of time before they move me over to UVerse.

New Haven, CT

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reply to Kevin Bryan
said by Kevin Bryan:

so would I log in via PPPoE on my router? or in this hypothetical scenario would I keep my router in access point only mode (no NAT) like it is now ?

No, you would not use PPPoE on your router, the (new/DSL replacement) AT&T supplied router/modem will handle the authentication with DSL line. There is no true bridge mode on the AT&T 3600HGV like there was with previous AT&T DSL modems. These new router/modems are VDSL. You configure your router, connected via it's WAN port to the 3600HGV LAN port, to receive a DHCP address from the AT&T router then put your router into the AT&T router/modem's DMZplus zone. The links above, in particular this link: » ··· /2707013, in my previous post explain how to configure a router to work in DMZplus mode with the AT&T supplied Uverse router.

Here is another link for those who use Tomato firmware based routers. Connecting a Tomato Based Router to an AT&T U-Verse 2wire 3600HGV: »

The simplest way to connect another router behind the 3600HGV is to disable the second router's DHCP server and connect the the 3600HGV to the second router by the wired LAN ports, NOT the second router's WAN port. Note with DD-WRT and Tomato you can reconfigure the WAN port to act as a LAN port. I currently have my Belkin F7D7301 wireless N router, loaded with TomatoUSB, configured this way to allow for the 3600HGV to handle the B/G wireless clients and the Belkin router handles the N wireless clients.


Meriden, CT
reply to bennor
I long wanted to upgrade my internet but it's not working out. 2 years ago I tried to upgrade internet and had 2 technicians came over. However, they could not increase the internet speed at my house after countless of "fixing" the lines. A year after, my internet was suddenly suspended and my browser tells me to call ATT to get it restored. They told me that I have to upgrade to U-verse...which I happily accepted. 3 technicians later and I still have the 1.5Mbps plan.