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Cortland, NY

Let us know

If your speed starts to suck or they hit you with a modem fee. My clients own their own modems and get hit with a "foreign modem fee" for the same price. Even more annoying is they turn the wifi off on the Westell 327W and say if we want it its an additional fee..for wifi..on our own device.


Binghamton, NY
They can't hit me with a modem fee, at least not until my contract expires. It's spelled right out in the schedule, "Modem Fee - $0". I'll negotiate a new deal when the contract expires, if they raise my price. If the price stays the same I'll adopt the "If it's not broke, don't fix it." approach and let sleeping dogs lie.

Interestingly enough they sent me a modem even though I brought my own. E-mailed my sales rep offering to return it and she told me it was mine to keep. Frankly, I doubt they even have an inventory system to track the things.

No issues with the speed thus far. My fiancee and I don't do much video streaming (or TV watching in general) during the summer months but every time I've needed my 6mbit/s it's been there, peak hours or off-peak, hasn't mattered. Upload speeds are consistent as well, which is hugely important for telecommuting.