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Reading, PA
reply to IowaCowboy

Re: [STB] Cisco thinking of getting out of the set-top box busin

said by IowaCowboy:

I think the Cisco/SA boxes are junk anyways. Another cable provider (Time Warner) stopped buying the Cisco hardware and now buys Samsung set-tops and Ubee Modems.

My inlaws have blue ridge cable. The ubee wireless d3 modem gateway is junk. Constantly have a hard time getting on the wifi and it disconnects. DNS lookups will fail and pings just stop. The only thing that you can access is the internal gui and theres nothing to setup but the channel. The cable provider sets the wpa2 key and you cant change it! You can't even firmware update it. GARBAGE.

On the other hand their Cisco HDC 8610 or whatever it is (the black dvr) is alright. Its the fastest channel changing set top box I ever used (and I used Moto, SA, DirecTV, Dish Network). It even has PIP and high color graphics. ForthWall Media has some interactive news, weather, and sports apps on it, plus theres on screen games. They run the Passport Echo firmware. pretty nice but the only problem is every time I'm up there I catch them watching the lower channel numbers! Why do they pay for HD service if they don't learn the right numbers! Thats why I like my DirecTV. If it's broadcast in HD, type in the channel number and see it in HD. No extra lineup to memorize or complicate the GUI.

Really it all depends what firmware is put on these things. You prolly have good firmware on the Ubee you seen. Well they have firmware from 2007 on it and I cant get it changed. You prolly have crap firmware on the Cisco box you used. Well Passport Echo is a whole new world. Best Cable UI considering it still doesn't take advantage of the 16:9 screen area. Graphics are smooth along with cool effects (fades, scrolling, etc), and it runs real fast. Even the SDV channels tuned in real fast. I hear TWC Navigator is slow, so of course its going to make the box look like junk. Put DOS 5.1 on an Alienware computer and its junk too.