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reply to aannoonn

Re: [OOL] Is a Tech visit required for Optimum Online Boost Plus

said by aannoonn :

P.S. I asked this earlier and never got an answer: Is OV compatible with Contact ID alarm systems, or does the reporting format have to be changed?

They may no guarantee of support for alarm systems.
said by ov terms of service :
Home security systems: If Subscriber has a centrally monitored home security system, and selects our Enhanced Wiring option, Optimum Voice will be wired so that it may be available for use with such system. Although Optimum Voice will supply a connection that will allow the operation of Subscriber's existing home security system, Optimum Voice does not guarantee that any such system will be in complete operational order following the installation of Optimum Voice. As such, it is Subscriber's obligation to contact their home security system provider to inform them of Optimum Voice installation and any change in phone number and to request a complete operational test of such system immediately following installation of Optimum Voice service. In addition, it is Subscriber's responsibility to test their system on a regular basis. In the even of power outage or network outage (whether unplanned or maintenance related), your Optimum Voice service, including any home security system, which uses Optimum Voice to connect to central station monitoring, will not function. As set forth in Section 3(B) above, if Subscriber so chooses, Subscriber may separately purchase a battery backup for use with their voice-enabled cable modem in the instance of a non-network related outage at www.optimum.com.
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