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Urbana, IL

Separate phones

Just getting set up and wondering how to cable a second phone line.
My business is next to my house. All incoming lines are in this building with an underground conduit carrying internet and landlines to the house. I am wondering how to add another PAP2t at the house end...or if I even need to.
Here is the layout.
Linksys E2500 > biz pap2t and computers
Same e2500.> cable to house computers > ?

Another pap2t or something else or nothing else?

Hope I am clear on my question. Just puzzling through how to have internet and phone at the house end (with a different phone #).
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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
I admit that I'm not totally understanding where you are going with that, but it may be helpful to know that:

a) The PAP2T has capability for two phones (two phone lines) and two VoIP accounts or subaccounts. How many lines/accounts do you need in total?

b) If the PAP2T is in one building, you could use a special Long Range cordless phone to serve your needs in the other building.

For example:

Long Range Cordless Phone Features:

Coverage of Up to:
25,000 square feet
10 acres
6 floors of penetration
Superior Multi Floor Coverage
Penetrates Concrete, Wood, and Drywall

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PX Eliezer70
Hutt River
reply to DaveL
PS: Virtually no one reads this sub-forum.

You really should post in the main VoIP Tech Chat forum.
»VOIP Tech Chat

This is a general VoIP issue, not provider-specific!


Gatineau, QC
reply to DaveL
I'm not too sure about what you want to do, but if all the cables are connected to one line, it's very simple to do.

Identify the cable that goes to your office and disconnect it from the others in the demarcation box (the Bell box). Then you have two options, the easiest one will be to wire a new cable from the ATA to that existing cable and connect them with marrettes (or even better, if that cable has enough length, just connect it to a telephone jack next to your ATA), and of course connect that new cable to Line 2 of the ATA.

Option 2 if you cannot install a new cable, take the existing cable near the ATA and identify which one it is in the demarc box. You will see it's either an old telephone cable with 2 pairs of twisted wires (Green/Red and Black/Yellow) or a new CAT5e cable with 4 pairs of twisted wires (Blue/White should already been used, and three other unused pairs).

Then near the ATA you will buy a new telephone plate with two jacks. The top one you will connect the red/green (or blue/white) cable, and the bottom jack you will connect the black/yellow (or orange/white) in the red/green spot. Then connect the black/yellow cable to the office cable (black connects to green and yellow connects to red).

That's it! You then connect Line 2 to Jack #2 (bottom) and you got your second line working.

If you're lost with the colours, here's a quick summary on the CAT5 conversion:

Green = White with blue lines
Red = Blue with white lines
Black = white with orange lines
Yellow = orange with white lines

And if you connect the black/yellow to the jack, again make sure you connect black cable to green screw, and yellow cable to red screw. If you use one of those levitron jacks, follow the code sticker but remember that you are really connecting a green/red despite the actual cable colour!!!

Let me know if you're lost and give us details of your current cabling.