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She turned me into a newt

Oakville, ON
reply to Airwolf

Re: Prices going up again in July?


The semi-annual $2 rate hike, right on schedule!

This is genuinely hillarious. What an embarassment. The fact that they can get away with price gouging like this is amazing, honestly.

$72/mo for 30Mbps cable service and a measly 175GB cap. Bahahaha.

I'm laughing because if I don't, my head might explode.



Well I got rid of their phone service and they charge me a breach of contract fee for $75 but guess what Cogeco I really don't mind paying it so my business goes elsewhere and for the record the phone company I have now has given me 6 months free service so really this $75 is nothing. One less Cogeco service = YAY !

Now I am looking at Start.ca for internet but here is the thing ....

If I get rid of my internet will I have to pay per month for the pvr I got for cable or is that item free for 2 yrs no matter what as long as I stay on cable ? Anyone know ?

I would love to get more usage from my internet service but I also want to make sure I still get the pvr for the term they stated it would be free.

Anyway glad to be getting away from Cogeco whether it be quickly or slowly. If anyone can help me here by answering some of my questions or by providing info. I don't know about then do so. Interested to hear what others have to say.