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[Express] iPad 2 - Slow Download Speeds

Hi everyone.

Our wireless network consists of the following:
- Rogers Express
- Motorola DOCSIS 2 modem
- D'Link DIR-825 wireless router

When I run a speedtest on my notebook, I'm getting consistent speeds of 18-20 Mbps.

When I run a speedtest on my iPad 2, I'm getting speeds of only 10 Mbps.

I was wondering if anyone with a similar setup, is also running into the same speed issues with their iPad 2?

If you are not experiencing these issues, would you mind sharing your iPad 2 or wireless router settings?

Any suggestions/recommendations would be appreciated.



Scarborough, ON
The download speeds with Express Internet and a D2 modem are only 10 Mbps. The fact that you are getting 18-20 Mbps with your notebook is quite likely due to Speedboost which detects when there is available bandwidth on the network and automatically provides a temporary burst of speed for the first 10 MB of a download or stream. Not sure why you are not getting the same with your iPad 2, though I have read similar complaints about slower speeds with the iPad 2. (The advertised speed of 18 Mbps for Express only apply with a D3 modem.)