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reply to jfmezei

Re: Just One thing Missing

said by jfmezei:

Looks like the non existant DSLR firewall purged the non existant block on my IP address. I discovered this by chance. Did not get any notification that my IP had been removed.

Am busy with CRTC stuff now, will take a few days to think/evaluate whether my presence here is desirable or not. I used this old thread since I fear the moderators will lock/hide it and didn't want to ruin an active thread.

What needs to be evaluated exactly?

Are you so important that registered letters need to be sent to you upon application or removal of random IP's that may or may not affect you?

Why are you so afraid of the moderator? And so afraid that you fear he/she will delete what you say? Does it really matter?

Why not create your own forum so people go to you instead? Maybe this will create less fear and anxiety for you?

Or are you mad because DSLr didn't give your ebox a forum for their now 2 whole posts a day?

Do you honestly think your presence here is sought after (ie desired) by the masses? Is you head really that self-inflated? If it is, I would suggest taking more time off till you come back down to earth and the real world.

On the other hand, if you are just crying here and miss posting here since you have no other platform for your self-inflated head, I don't think you will find too many people who are going to come out and yell they desire you. That would be rather gay.