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Randallstown, MD
reply to Mele20

Re: Google Chrome Now the No. 1 Browser in the World

As for sandboxing the tabs that is a horrible idea because of the immense amount of RAM used to do that

I'm not so sure that is an issue necessarily.
When I first ran Chrome (the other day), I purposely opened a number of Youtube videos (among other items), & when I looked at (Process Explorer), I saw Chrome had quickly taken up all kinds of memory, far more then I would have expected.

And I saw each tab listed individually & the memory usage of each tab. Found that interesting. And then also noted that when I closed a particular tab, I could see its task die & the associated memory released. So closing a number of large memory using tabs, my total memory usage declined substantially.

And then closing all the video clips & only opening more textual based pages, memory usage seemed reasonable.

Suppose there is some overhead associated with the sandboxing (i.e. each tab you open), but would not think it to be too bad? (Haven't looked to see what a blank tab consumes, yet.)

and the HORRIBLE CLUTTERING of Task Manager with 60-70 tabs listed separately! You can't find anything in Task Manager if Chrome/Iron is running.

On first usage, found the individual tab listings interesting. Hadn't actually thought about my more typical usage (could be in the hundreds of tabs) & how that would look in TM.

it is not necessary to squander RAM like that
Again, not sure that is an actual issue?

the worst thing about Chrome is that it is too bare bones
My impression too.

The extensions leave much to be desired.
Tried loading the extensions page last night, but for whatever reason it would not connect. And without having extensions like I'm used to using, Chrome would be a no-go.