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Re: [STB] Cisco thinking of getting out of the set-top box busin

said by telcodad:

said by rv65:

Time Warner is still purchasing Cisco cable boxes.

For now. At this week's Cable Show, TWC's Chairman and CEO said he sees cable boxes going away eventially:

TWC CEO Heaps More Dirt on the Set-Top Box
Light Reading Cable - May 22, 2012
»www.lightreading.com/document.as ··· lr_cable

Gee, that's interesting. From the article:

BOSTON -- The Cable Show -- CNN's Erin Burnett got right to the point at Monday's general session here when she asked Time Warner Cable Inc. (NYSE: TWC) Chairman and CEO Glenn Britt if the set-top box is ever going to go away. Britt's answer? Yes.

"What's happening is pretty simple. The world is coalescing around IP standards, and all devices are being made to those standards … and that's the future," said Britt, noting that core set-top box functions continue to be integrated in TVs and other connected video devices.

In other words, Britt doesn't want to be tied to traditional, proprietary set-top technology anymore, and he doesn't think the industry as a whole should remain wedded to it either.

Oh really? And what open IP standards would there be for cable IPTV delivery? If you're such a big fan, why don't you back FCC's AllVid proposal and get out of the STB rental business?