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·Optimum Online
reply to TheWiseGuy

Re: [OOL] Is a Tech visit required for Optimum Online Boost Plus

Yes, I agree with that. I read the TOS as saying professional install with enhanced wiring was required if you wanted to connect to a security system.

Your interpretation is better - that it is required if you want them to connect it to your security system.

They are pretty specific about the self-install though - connect to phone only, not wiring.

As a practical matter, people are going to connect it to whatever they want. The bank robber analogy was hyperbole, and in retrospect a bit misguided.
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Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
Well their FAQ is quite clear, I doubt a self-install changes anything, I believe all they are saying is there is one phone jack on the modem for each line.

»optimum.custhelp.com/app/answers ··· a_id/263

You can connect as many phones as you'd like to Optimum Voice®.

1. You can connect multiple phones to Optimum Voice utilizing existing phone jacks in your home. Cablevision will connect Optimum Voice to your existing working phone jacks if you ask for our free Home Wiring Solution. There is no additional charge when it’s requested with your initial order for Optimum Voice service. Otherwise, a professional installation fee of $39.95 will apply.

2. You may also use multiple phones with Optimum Voice by connecting a multi-handset cordless phone base station to Line 1 of the cable modem. Additional satellite handsets associated with the base station simply need to be plugged into power outlets. Click here for a diagram.

Warning, If you post nonsense and use misinformation and are here to argue based on those methods, you will be put on ignore.


Thanks for posting that. I didn't realize that the CV hookup was free when you initially order OV. (Of course, there's no way I'd let CV touch my phone wiring anyway. They'd end up with the signal making 2 round-trips to the no-longer-used NID.)

Cablewizzard said that self-install was not an option, but I guess he was wrong.

Dog And Butterfly
East Stroudsburg, PA
If you are Porting a number they may require an install!


North Salem, NY
Three years ago, as an existing cable+internet customer, I signed up for a triple-play promotion. I started out with a new number, and then when I was satisfied with it, I told them I wanted to discontinue my Verizon service, port the number to my OV account, and terminate the number Cablevision had given me. There was no house wiring for phones involved, since I was using a multi-handset cordless phone with a base station right next to the modem. However, I had to wire it into the alarm system. I did that wiring myself. Cablevision insisted they had to make a house call because a number was being ported. They got the instructions completely mixed up and wasted two home visits over that. Then there were a couple more visits where the Verizon system inexplicably refused to give up the line. I had several days during which the number was partially ported with strange results. Finally they got the number ported. The techs never had any problem with the fact that I had done all the necessary wiring myself. But the need to have someone come to the house for a number port seems to be non-negotiable.
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