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Etobicoke, ON
reply to openvz_ca

Re: World IPv6 Day

said by openvz_ca:

I don't think you give people enough credit here... Saying no one would notice if they are natted behind a massive private network is a stretch.

It is a huge stretch. There are more than enough common apps that are fragile in NATed environments from games, VoIP, file transfers in IM networks, BitTorrent, etc. and are dependent on having inbound ports open on one or both ends. In an environment with CGN / LSN and no control over inbound ports that break more than enough applications.

But when CGN / LSN finally comes into play v6 will be there so it won't be an issue. Move from the old shitty road to the new road.

NAT is nothing but a plague and a crutch. It needs to die a quick death. It would also solve a lot of problems too.