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Panama City, FL

Motorola SB6120 problem

Hi all.
Have the above modem and had it for a while no problems. Now for the last couple months the modem just keeps rebooting every so often, whats weird it seems to do it mostly at around noon time (sun warming up an amp??), and later in the evening seems to run alright. At times after rebooting on its own, the blue (bonding)light wont light back up, have to do a hard reset to get it back.

Had the tech here today(11:00am), he checked stuff and claimed to find a bad filter in box and claimed to have taken care of it. Well just like clockwork at and after 12:00 its doing it again. He also claims that they are having problems with this type of modem, and recommnded getting the Zoom modem.

At this point i"m thinking of running up to BestBuy and just getting a Zoom, for I just cant put up with this, and at least I will know if its the modem or an amp going flaky.

Would apreciate anyone in Panama City chirping in, that may have similar problems, I'm in Parker.



Resident Duh-Huh Member

Panama City, FL
I'm in Cedar Grove, near the fairgrounds, and have had a 6120 for around a year I guess. No issues at all with it.

If it does it about the same time each day, I'd be looking for something else than the modem. I'd document the exact time for a few days and then see if they'll send a tech out just prior to it happening.

If they won't, document the issue and the times in a written letter and send it to the office on 15th str. I've sent a couple of letters over some issues and ALWAYS have had them call and work with me to straighten it out, even having engineers from West Point, GA. call & push beta firmware to my STB's to correct issues.
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Madison, AL
reply to pdqtech
Hit the IP address (try of the modem and see if there is anything in the log.


Panama City Beach, FL
reply to pdqtech
I've had a sb6120 for about year as well and never had an issue with it. I would log into the web interface ( click on help and see what firmware the modem is using. It could be a firmware issue.

My modem is running the original firmware it shipped with.

Model Name: SB6120
Vendor Name: Motorola
Firmware Name: SB6120-
Boot Version: PSPU-Boot
Hardware Version: 3.0
Firmware Build Time: Apr 22 2009 12:15:22


Panama City, FL
reply to pdqtech
Sorry for the late update, I ended up getting the Zoom 5341, and the next day just like clockwork at 12:00 noon, I lost connection. They sheduled a tech for around noontime next day, so they can see the problem. The guy came at 1:00 but the modem never did go down at noon time. But I did noticed a Knology bucket truck going up my street, so when the tech came he did the usual humdrum and this-n-that, he checked the cable, went outside and cleaned up the RG6, was a bit long, removed a filter, told him I dont have TV here so dont matter, and told him I think its a bad amp on a pole, due to the same time it going down (sunshine on the amp).

Anyhow he said everything looked good, he didnt know why I had this problem with the new modem. I mentioned to him that a bucket truck had gone by here, and told him to check....long story short, he came back and told me they had found a bad amp>grin, someone had the same complaint down the street.

So I took the Zoom and stuck it in the house one street over, and put my Motorola modem back here in the office, going to return Knology's modem and save $5 a month.

Thanks for the replies, and stay cool.