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[BC] Time to upgrade my plan.

finally got an HDTV and looking to upgrade from my old digital TV (DCT700) + Extreme-I plan (Wish I could keep this ... BB50 seems a waste to me just to get some usable upload) TO-> personal TV (+entertainment 1&2), HDPVR (which one Is yet to be decided) and BB50. I have a few questions.

1) Is the new charge of $98 for the wireless modem permanent? do they ever have promotions for the Shaw Plan Personalizer ... like, free modem or whatever for already subscribed customers?

2) Is the new modem (which is also a router IIRC?) good feature/stability wise? I am currently using the old motarola from when Extreme-I came out + a Linksys WRT54GL on DDRWRT v23 SP2.
How is bufferbloat, handling of torrents with thousands of connections and general stability / gaming? I hear people saying its a turd and there are really no specifications to look at. I was thinking of taking my old router
and setting it to AP mode (this still lets you use wired connections if you are running on wireless ap, right?) and hooking it up to my SMART TV via wired ethernet so I don't have to make an ethernet run through the wall to watch DNLA content

3) I know this really isn't the place to be asking about TV offerings, but ... Whats the better HDPVR box feature / future proof / Stability / user ease / Quality wise? I'm looking at both the 500GB HDPVR and the multiroom gateway PVR (how
do these transmit data to the other box? over coax or are they wireless?) both have a button to skip 3~ minuets to skip commericals right?

4) this is a long shot for DSLREPORTS, but does Shaw still wire coax outlets? I am interested in having a coax wired in my kitchen to add a small HDTV (with a multiroom pvr) ... its kinda weird the wall I want wired up faces the outside of the house but
there is a small lip (4feet?) on the inside that does not face an outside wall -- would this be enough?

Is now a good time to bite the bullet or should I wait on new hardware and not getting screwed over by a $100 modem purchace (seriously, a government enforced monopoly can do better -- whens it time to pressure these goons?)


1) Permanent until further notice. It was free until about last week for any customer, you pretty much have to pay it if you want anything BB50 and up. (HS 10/20/Extreme do not need the DOCSIS 3 modem)

2) It's better than the SMC but not great. It's best to call and get it in bridged mode and use your own router.

3) I have the DCX3400 (500GB PVR) and it's decent..not fantastic but it does the job. It's only ever randomly reset on me once in about a year which is pretty good IMO. The guide is 4:3 though so it looks a bit funny but you get used to it.

4)Not sure on that one, sorry

If you wait, the prices are only likely to go higher, we've seen about 7 increases in the last few months.


reply to Starky
said by Starky :

finally got an HDTV

Regardless of your decision about Shaw, I would suggest getting an OTA antenna and hooking it up to your new TV. No HD channels that you get from any BDU (whether it is Shaw, Telus, Bell, Rogers, or whoever) will look as good.

Calgary, AB
You have made the assumption, that where they are, they can receive OTA HD stations.

2) You will definately not want to use the WRT54G for your router if upgrade to BB50, just not fast enough. If you are concerned and understand what you want, you are a good candidate for using your own either built (from spare computer parts) or store bought model.

4) Last time I needed an outlet, it was $25. The installer may not care about walls, and just run it along the floorboard, stapled, maybe not even stapled - I was not impressed, but for $25 charge what can you expect.
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


Richmond, BC
reply to Starky
2) Make sure that you order the modem to be put in BRIDGE mode and buy a modern router. Many newer ones are more than capable of handling BB250 easily (e.g., the Netgear WNDR4500) and they do run Linux and are stable. I think the Netgear WNDR3800 is Netgear's current model "open router" with full source code and Tomato/DD-WRT support. Shouldn't be more than $200 with tax. (Of course, I think benchmarks have put something like the 4500 up to 750Mbps or so).

Either way, they do both run Linux and thus have excellent stability and can handle tons of network connections with aplomb.

Do NOT use the built-in router that Shaw provides as they will handle the speed, but the routing part is, shall we say, "cost optimized". Just use your own and be done with it. Plus you get more control.


About to bite the bullet on the following:

BB 50
Personal TV + entertainment 1, 2
basic phone.

the shaw plan personalizer lists it as the following for the "starter bundle" (with the "best of hd" unselected)

$134.90* / mo (not including tax and hardware)

Is this what it will always cost? I notice the asterix but cant see the fine print.

Also the default selection is not "starter" and is instead "Plus" ... switching from plus to starter (the lowest "bundle") changes the price from the above $134.90 / mo to $169.90 ... the question is why ... the bundles look like garbage prepicked plans why am i being charged a premium for selection my own bundle?

is there a way to get an itemized list of what the actual service costs per month minus promotions and "bundling"?

this doesnt even include the
$500 home portal + tax
$98 modem + tax.

tl;dr ... is there a way to see an itemized checkout before I buy this confusing garbage?

my current plan is Extreme I, digital classic, basic phone
+ $2 a month for digital rental...why the hell are they charging me $151 before tax ($170~ after)

Calgary, AB
Business 50 + HDPlus + Basic Phone


Promo's not included above
Internet 1 year promo of -$50
Phone 1 year promo of -$15

I have not heard anything that requires you to buy the modem, the PVR yes, Can also have a 2nd modem in Gateway mode with the same speeds.

Just not sure of the channels you want/need from Entertainment 1 & 2.
Yes, I am not employed and looking for IT work. Have passport, will travel.


"I have not heard anything that requires you to buy the modem,"

It's the new "screw you" fee, $100 required to buy the modem for BB50/100/250

Calgary, AB
I was refering to the Business version, which has never charged for the modem.

I apologize if that was not clear.

-Posted from my phone.


reply to kevinds
"Just not sure of the channels you want/need from Entertainment 1 & 2."

I personally only watch the news and can't stomach TV but the female side of the house would go ballistic without:

Nat geo

W network

gotta love paying $20/mo for 8 channels.