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[Other] SOS!!!

Money Sunset Plus will NOT convert my Money 2006 data. I've tried everything. Can't import, cant open files, can't open archives, can't open backups. I'm desperate!!! Will be h*** to enter all the data by hand. Either can't find file,


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Does it ask for a password?

Also, did you see the instructions here - » ··· id=20738

I was a Money user for years and it was a pain to update/upgrade from past data backups.

Merrickville, ON

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reply to Gail
I know that when I finally bit the bullet and jumped from Money 2007 to Money Plus, it converted no problem.

In Plus' Help file, it does mention that if you have the old file selected in Windows Explorer, you might get an error trying to convert. Not sure why that'd be, but I mention it anyway.

Also, I used to have a lot of trouble when I had a non-American date format set in my Regional settings (I like "yyyy-mm-dd", but Money didn't). You don't mention if you're upgrading on the same system and same regional settings, but if not, you may want to make sure the date format is the same as when you ran the old version.

The link provided also talks about password-related issues that may or may not affect you.

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