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reply to Melissa2009B

Re: [Speed] May have to switch to Comcast

said by Melissa2009B:

By the way, how does one watch streaming with Comcast, if we don't have their TV service?

Right now we get wireless through the DSL modem to Roku boxes ( which isn't fast enough ) but how would it be done with COmcast?

Oh, and now we use the DSL router to send wireless to 2 PC's in different rooms across the house, and of course the two Roku boxes. Can Comcast send wireless around the house from a single source that way for HSI?

You would just connect the Roku boxes to the Comcast connection instead of your DSL connection.

If you go with a Comcast residential service, you can either use one of their wireless gateway devices, or use a standard cable modem and your own wireless router. If you go with a Comcast Business Class service, you will need to supply your own wireless router or access point. In either case, if you are going to terminate your current DSL service (and if you own the DSL router), you may be able to just use that router as a wireless access point connected to your Comcast connection's LAN.
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