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reply to Melissa2009B

Re: [Speed] May have to switch to Comcast

said by Melissa2009B:

My concern wasn't so much with bandwidth usage caps, but with speed caps. That was what I'd heard previously.

But come to mention it, if we watch streaming HDTV and movies, I guess we gotta start worrying about usage caps too.

As far as SOHO, we barely use any bandwidth for the business. We work about 10 hours a week and the web site gets maybe 30 visits a day.

If you decide to go with Comcast residential service, the bandwidth caps are now less a problem than they used to be (read the link that I posted).

If you decide to go with Comcast Business Class service (which is what you really need to do if this service is related to a SOHO business), then there are no caps period. And with 30 visits a day on your web site, you should be able to get by just fine with the free web hosting that is part of the Business Class service.
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