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Teleblend international call problem

I have with teleblend for over 10 years, recently I notice their price just keep going up over $20 per month (when I start only under $10) also for the past few months almost every few weeks I have a trouble to make international call, (because I have a son live in oversea) so I use very often. very newest news so far over 36 hours can not call to oversea but US and Canada still work. so if you call international a lots please try some one else!!

RR TB Cust
My neighbor is with Vonage and had trouble getting through on Mothers day as well. I have TeleBlend but I don't really call internationally so I could not tell if there was an issue that day. However, my neighbor said their Vonage line was giving fast busies all day and they had to use a calling card. I assume that some of the international carriers were overwhelmed with traffic that day. Hope that helps.


Leesburg, VA
There are a few days through out the year that has some very different call volume trends. Mothers day is one of them. As you would have guessed, it is one of the highest call volume days for every provider. Another one is Memorial day weekend. It is a very, very low volume day. To a point where many providers have to be extra diligent about ensuring calls are connecting the best they can.

I was with another company where we started to panic one day because Internet volume dropped off a cliff. We finally realized the reason was our European customers had a highly anticipated soccer game and everyone stopped using the internet.